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Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Many Uses Of Succulents

by Josh Pickering, Lead Design Assistant


Using Succulents in Floral Arrangements

Whenever it comes to greenery, few plants are as versatile, offering multiple stylistic opportunities, as succulents.  In nature, succulents can provide sustenance in extreme conditions.  So, if they can bring life to a desert environment, why shouldn't they do the same in your home?  The thickness and vibrant colors of the foliage can help to offer vivacity to an otherwise stagnant space.

In rustic designs, Succulents can be paired with yucca and cacti, as well as other greenery to create a more literal interpretation of the regions where these plants thrive.  An especially important detail to point out in regards to rustic design, is the fact that the idea of moisture and life can be evident in a style that can easily tend towards dry and colorless when done wrong.  In this regard, succulents can be used to create a lush oasis to soften and enliven a room.

Succulents have often been used in contemporary design for their exotic shapes and colors.  Their simplicity and vibrant nature can bring calm to a minimalist space or energy to a colorful, trendy room.  Set in colorful groupings, exacting rows, or peaceful flourishes, a simple floral of these amazing plants can be the finishing touch when creating a fresh new look.

When designing a traditional room, few people think to use succulents in their floral arrangements.  Some tend towards using ivies or whatever greenery typically accompanies whichever flowers they select.  In doing so, floral décor can become overstuffed and dated dust collectors.  The simple thickness of the foliage itself offers richness in succulents that could hardly be achieved in "usual" greenery, not to mention their interesting shapes and varying colors.

Today, most people have a personal style that is some mixture between various styles and trends.  This tendency towards an eclectic blend can easily be supported by spots of succulents.  There are few plants that bring such versatility that will work to unify a space while mixing well with other plants.  Succulents can play a star role just as easily as they can take a second seat to another focal plant.  If you haven't thought to use succulents in the past, allow the Designs by K to help you make a new step to something different.