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Electric Fireplace | Interior Design Southlake

The cooler evenings of fall bring a reminder that winter will soon be here. On a cold winter evening, nothing compares to the warmth and ambiance of a fire. Unfortunately, a wood-burning fireplace is not a feature of every home. Now you can have the beauty and warmth of a fireplace without the grime, cost, and maintenance. An electric fireplace is available in a variety of styles and sizes with a price to fit any budget. When the plan to update or remodel includes adding an electric fireplace, a Designs by K professional can assist you with interior design in Southlake.

The major advantages of an electric fireplace include:

  • There are no carbon monoxide emissions 
  • They can be installed in any room
  • They do not require a chimney. 
  • Electric fireplaces operate cleanly, providing a tremendous advantage for those with allergies or other respiratory conditions. 
  • They only require simple maintenance with dusting and an occasional cleaning of the glass.

Furthermore, installing an electric fireplace is easier than a traditional brick and mortar one. In fact, the overwhelming majority of electric fireplaces only require a power outlet. 

Low Operating Costs and Safety

Electric fireplaces have low operating costs; they require only pennies a day to operate. Optional features include overheating protection, a safety tilt switch that shuts the appliance off when knocked over, shatterproof glass, and a surface that remains cool, making them safe for use around children. As with all electric appliances, do not use electric fireplaces around water or flammable materials. 

Upgrade Your Space

An electric fireplace can provide an upgrade in the appearance of a room. Careful selection can provide flames and glowing coals that are realistic in appearance. In addition, if an existing brick and mortar fireplace is already present in the space, electric logs can be installed. Using an electric fireplace in place of burning wood allows the damper to be closed and the chimney capped. This effectively removes the chimney as a source of air infiltration in the home, saving on the cost of energy.

Electric fireplaces offer rustic appeal, safety, low maintenance, and eco-friendly operation assuring a convenient and effective means to upgrade a room with the ambiance of fire. When ready to upgrade your space, contact Designs by K for professional interior design in Southlake.

Zone Heating

A fireplace can provide a focal point for any room and is available in a number of styles. However, the cozy mood of a fire is not the only advantage of electric fireplaces. They also offer electric heat to assist in keeping you warm. On a cold winter day, electric fireplaces can save money by providing zone heating.

They provide the convenience of using either the flame only feature, the flame with heat, or the heat only option. During the summer, you can have the flame of a fire without the heat for cozy comfort on a rainy evening. The electric fireplace is an ideal solution for creating mood throughout the year.


In addition to the living room, electric fireplaces have become popular in spa-like bathrooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, and even in dining rooms. A Designs by K professional can incorporate an electric fireplace into your home’s interior design in Southlake.

Minimal Installation 

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of different styles from mantel, to media consoles, in-wall mounts, and fireboxes with trim. Installation is typically as simple as plugging it in. However, for a sleek, contemporary, or modern customized appearance, in-wall installation can be provided. A Designs by K professional can provide the professional interior design in Southlake for your home.


An additional factor to consider is selecting a model that offers replaceable parts, extending the life of the appliance and your enjoyment for years to come.

When planning to remodel or update your home, hiring a Designs by K professional for interior design in Southlake, brings a professional on board who will deliver beautiful results with a unified appearance. Contact Designs by K today to schedule a custom interior design in Southlake for your home. Our professionals can assist in the selection of an electric fireplace that complements your style and goals. Our talented designers offer professional interior design in Southlake, Keller, Grapevine, Westlake, and the surrounding areas. 

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Professional Services | Interior Design Westlake, TX

Designs by K offers professional interior design in Westlake, TX that encompasses the complete environment of your home. Our talented designers offer an exceptional space that pleases and enhances your life. We can create the special interiors you dream of, while providing a well-designed space that reflects your personal style and functional needs.

Whether you are designing a new home or a single room, a Designs by K professional will work with you from the concept of your project to its completion. 

When planning to build a new home, involving an interior designer establishes a bridge between you and your contractor. Furthermore, your designer can ensure that the function and the furnishing of rooms is addressed before mistakes are made. For example, plumbing, electrical and gas needs for a kitchen island should be addressed before construction begins. In addition, the involvement of a designer provides the opportunity to determine the most advantageous placement and size of doors, windows, fireplaces, and other features – before construction begins.

Whether you are building a home or remodeling or planning an addition, we work with you and your contractor to ensure that all materials and features provide cohesion and appeal. This includes the selection of tile, stone, molding, countertops, flooring, fireplace, and mantle design, as well as the selection of cabinetry, fixtures, faucets, and other aspects of your home’s interior design in Westlake, TX

Professional Color Consultation

Selecting colors for a room is often intimidating for homeowners, who often find it difficult to envision how a color will look in the space. Homeowner’s will often take on this task and are often dissatisfied with the results. 

An interior designer can provide assistance in color choices and provide a color scheme with a smooth transition from one room to the other. Color can provide the illusion of a room being distant, larger or smaller, and can visually lower high ceilings. A professional interior designer is trained to think differently and can envision color and the other aspects of your interior design in Westlake, TX that you may be unable to perceive. You may love the chandelier your friend has, the table you found online, and long for your Aunt Theresa’s sideboard, but it does not mean they will work well together or complement the space. 

A Designs by K professional can create a Master Color Plan for your ceiling, wall, and trim colors, and can provide the other elements of a professional interior design in Westlake, TX that you need for a beautiful home.

An Interior Designer Can Save You Money

A Designs by K professional can save you money by preventing costly mistakes. In addition, our broad range of resources provide a wide selection of products and services not available to the public. Our extensive network enables us to offer similar products for almost any budget. Our knowledge and use of reliable contractors and superb artisans enable us to save you time identifying those you can count on, while maintaining a budget and saving on labor. 

Professional Design Increases Home Value

Professional home design increases the value and appeal of your home. This is an important factor if you plan to sell your home in the near future. The increase in its appeal can result in increased showings, increased buyer interest, and receiving a higher price for it.

A Design by K professional can provide the interior design in Westlake, TX of your dreams with our professional services. From selecting colors that enhance your home, to providing a custom interior design personalized for you, Designs by K will ensure your home defines your style and goals. Our talented professional designers specialize in fulfilling your dreams and exceeding your expectations. We offer professional interior design in Westlake, TX, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, and the surrounding areas.

Showcase Your Home | Interior Design Grapevine, TX

Hiring an interior designer will enable you to showcase your home to look its best. An interior designer offers numerous advantages, especially when selling your home. They save you a great deal of time and help you to avoid costly mistakes. Professional interior design in Grapevine, TX can increase the value of your home and boost buyer appeal reducing its time on the market. The nationally recognized professionals at Designs by K can provide the design you need.

A designer provides a professional assessment with the training to see and think differently when assessing a space. They can see the overall picture and the potential that you may have never known existed. Interior design in Grapevine, TX can give you the wow factor you are looking for.

A designer can keep you on budget and save you both time and effort. For example, a designer can determine furnishings to repurpose or edit from a space.

Involving your designer during the planning stages of construction or remodeling can prevent mistakes in design, saving you both time and money. Furthermore, designers have access to resources that you may not. They have the contacts for home improvement professionals, such as contractors, tile masons, plumbers, and electricians. While there may be numerous professionals available, a designer will have reliable contacts they have worked with in the past and trust to provide professional quality.

Hiring a designer can improve the function and aesthetics of your home which, in turn, can increase showings, sales, and profit.

Tips for Updates in Homes for Sale

1. A white kitchen is practical and popular in homes for sale. A white on white color scheme will make a space appear larger and brighter. When kitchen size is less than desirable, white glass upper cabinets, white quartz countertops, and a white tile backsplash will achieve the illusion of a larger space, while providing quality, style, and upgrades to function. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the two best investments for increasing a home’s value and increasing its likelihood of a fast sale. The kitchen remodel will provide the best return on the money you invest. Hiring a professional for interior design in Grapevine will assure your money is well spent, while providing a kitchen with aesthetic appeal and optimal function.

2. Hardwood floors are a way to maintain a home’s value while providing an upscale appearance. Solid wood or engineered wood is preferred for main and upper floors.

3. Consider upgrading the basement rather than building an addition. A basement that remains dry can provide additional living space without the expense of an addition. Many families find the basement area a convenient location for theatre rooms, recreational areas, and other uses. An interior designer has the vision to maximize the space and to provide the interior design in Grapevine, TX to ensure an attractive and functional space.

4. Add high-end touches such as marble, quartz, or natural stone countertops, that potential luxury buyers will appreciate and remember.

5. Provide upgrades in lighting with a dramatic central fixture and task lighting. Kitchens are a space where task lighting is especially beneficial. Anyone who has attempted to prepare a dish with lighting behind them will appreciate the illumination of task lighting in workspaces. Recessed lighting in ceilings is popular, and LED light bars under cabinets are a great way to illuminate counters while saving energy.

6. Molding is an additional way to add an upgrade for a high-end appearance. Crown molding and chair rail add luxury to any room.

7. Using neutral paint will refresh rooms, make them appear larger, and provide prospective buyers with one less job to do when they purchase your home.

8. Update the bathroom to improve a home’s sale potential. A bathroom remodel is the second best investment in a home for increasing its value and potential for a quick sale. Upgrades that can put a bathroom over the top include marble, quartz, or stone countertops, a roomy shower with tile or stone, upgrades in faucets, heated towel racks, and the addition of a focal point.

Whether you intend to list a home in the near future or simply want to showcase your home with upgrades and improved function, Designs by K can provide the interior design in Grapevine, TX that you need. Contact a Designs by K professional to schedule a custom interior design in Grapevine, TX for your home. Our talented and nationally recognized designers strive to deliver your dreams and exceed your expectations. We offer professional interior design in Grapevine, TX, Southlake, Keller, Westlake, and the surrounding areas.

Selecting a Kitchen Sink | Interior Design Keller, TX

The kitchen sink is typically an often-used fixture in a kitchen. Over the years, sinks have evolved to offer a broad range of materials, configurations, and features. When remodeling a kitchen, one of your decisions will involve selecting a kitchen sink. A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a drop-in sink and an undermount sink will assist in your selection. Designs by K can provide the professional interior design in Keller that you need for your custom kitchen.

Drop-in vs. Undermount Sinks

Drop-in sinks have a visible rim around the perimeter and rest flat on the counter. The sink drops into the countertop cutout, and the rim holds it in place. Hidden metal clips clamp the sink to the counter, holding it secure to prevent movement.

Undermount sinks install from beneath the counter. Though the sink has a rim, it will not be visible, due to the sink attaching to the bottom of the counter. The attachment will vary between installers, with those who prefer special glue and others preferring an attachment system.

The Comparison

Undermount sinks are more difficult to install. Trust the installation to a professional, rather than risk damage to costly marble countertops or other high-end materials. 

Choice of Countertop Material

Undermount sinks will attach to almost all types of countertop materials, with the exception of laminate. Particleboard or MDF forms the base of laminate and is insufficient to hold fasteners lacking a bolt, nut, and washer. However, an undermount sink will provide a seamless complement to natural stone countertops.

Drop-in sinks install on all types of countertop materials including laminate. In addition, drop-in sinks assist in protecting the edges of the countertop.

Ease of Cleaning


With an undermount sink, crumbs wipe directly off the counter and into the sink. 

The perimeter rims of drop-in sinks tend to collect debris in the space where the sink joins the countertop and will require periodic cleaning with a soft brush.


Undermount sinks have a gap at the top of the sink where debris can collect. While silicone seals it, a gap remains for debris to collect.  

The space between the sink and the countertop of drop-in sinks is both visible and accessible for cleaning. 


The sink itself will not increase the home’s value, though prospective buyers typically view undermount sinks as a desirable feature. Designs by K professionals can assure the kitchen of your dreams by providing custom interior design in Keller.

Other Factors to Consider 

Additional factors to consider when selecting a kitchen sink include:

  • Larger sinks may require customization of the base cabinet. 
  • Select the faucet and sink accessory configuration before purchasing a sink to determine the number of cutouts required. 
  • How you use the sink will determine the optimal configuration. For example, those who hand wash dishes prefer a double bowl. However, those who prefer to use the dishwasher and only wash large pots and pans in the sink tend to prefer a large single bowl sink. 

Selecting a Designs by K professional for interior design in Keller, assures you of receiving a first quality, custom kitchen remodel that reflects your unique style and your goals.

The details of a custom kitchen, such as selecting a kitchen sink, determine how well it will function for you. Designs by K can provide the function and the distinctive style you dream of having. Contact a Designs by K professional to schedule a custom interior design in Keller, TX for your home. Our talented and nationally recognized designers strive to deliver your dreams and exceed your expectations. We offer professional interior design in Keller, TX, Southlake, Grapevine, Westlake, and the surrounding areas.

Interior Design Southlake

Kitchen Design | Interior Design Southlake, TX

If you are like nearly all homeowners, you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, and kitchen design should provide both function and beauty. However, you may not realize that hiring a designer can save you money and/or help you get a higher quality of products by working with a professional for kitchen interior design in Southlake, TX. Hiring a professional designer will ensure the highest quality products for the money, and the optimal design for the kitchen space.

The Benefits of Hiring a Designer

Hiring a professional for interior design in Southlake, TX will ensure that your kitchen project remains on schedule and stays within the budget. In addition, a interior designer can prevent costly mistakes and offers the advantage of knowing reliable and qualified contractors and artisans.

A designer is aware of all the options, and capable of seeing the potential you may miss in the current kitchen. Furthermore, a designer's expertise ensures the completed kitchen matches the desired style, functions as needed, and meets your household's unique needs.

Designs by K offers the planning, quality, and the interior design in Southlake, TX that you need for an aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen by providing the best value for the quality.

The Cooks Kitchen

A number of homeowners take cooking quite seriously and create sumptuous meals in the kitchen. In fact, there exist a number of exceptional cooks in America's kitchens with a love for culinary skills. The homeowner who loves cooking often dreams of more than the usual in function.

For example, those who love to bake pastries often request a marble surface for the preparation of their light, flaky pastry dough. Perhaps home baked pizza is a family specialty, and a built-in pizza oven may be high on the priority list. Whatever your specialty, the professionals of Designs by K can provide the kitchen of your dreams.


Cabinetry is one product where you receive what you pay for. Quality cabinetry will maintain its appearance and provide decades of service. Selecting quality cabinetry is a critical factor to consider for long lasting value. Designs by K can assure the highest quality and maximize every square inch of storage. Furthermore, our professionals offer cabinet design for the discriminating client.

Selecting cabinets is not as simple as providing the counter salesperson with room measurements. Every year, homeowners purchase cabinets in this manner only to find a cabinet will not fit into a space. A designer will review the design plan, review appliance options, assist in prioritizing the budget, and ensure that all cabinetry will fit the space and provide the desired function. A professional designer manages the details from concept to completion.


Cabinetry can consume the largest portion of the kitchen budget, and the amount required will depend on factors such as the square footage, the number of cabinets, the cabinet material, finish, and door style. The other portions of the budget will be the appliances, countertops, flooring, lighting, fixtures, and other components. A professional designer has extensive knowledge of costs, quality, and sources, and can provide the interior design in Southlake, TX appropriate to the budget.

When planning a kitchen remodel, contact a Design by K professional for custom interior design in Southlake, TX. Our talented professionals offer a number of highly developed skills that create a kitchen design that is exceptional in quality, and aesthetic value. We offer cabinetry design, tile and backsplash design, custom furniture, lighting selection, planning, and more.

interior design in Westlake, TX

Rustic Elegance | Interior Design Westlake, TX

When the term rustic is mentioned, people often think of time worn furnishings, or a cabin with scarcely any comfort. Nothing could be further from the truth when you are speaking of the rustic elegance style. Designs by K can provide the rustic elegance, or other style you need with our professional interior design in Westlake, TX.

Rustic elegance is frequently seen in lovely log cabins featuring elegant rustic lodge decor. However, if you lack the majestic log cabin, you can still achieve the earthy beauty of the style. This style easily adapts itself with contemporary, ranch, traditional, stucco and even a few classic homes, and of course the log home. Our talented designers can provide it for you with professional interior design in Westlake, TX.

Unlike rustic, the rustic elegance style incorporates the qualities of grace, polish and sophistication with soft, luxurious comfort, natural materials and rustic features with a connection to the past when quality was standard.

Reclaimed wood is a feature of the style. Whether in wood floors, walls, furniture or rustic beams, wood is a major contributor to the historical past. Rough-hewn beams, wood doors, and wide plank flooring are a popular element in rustic elegance interiors.

Walls can be stucco, wide plank, or painted in warm earthy colors. Large stone fireplaces predominate, with large mantles for a majestic focal point. Mantles can be distressed wood, smooth wood, ornately carved wood, or even large cut native stone. If you lack the space for a large fireplace, consider a smaller domed or fluted style fireplace with a stucco finish for a western flair.

Ceilings generally feature large support beams, and rustic chandeliers hang from ceilings in antler, iron, decorative metal, and mica. If these don't appeal to you, basic contemporary lighting with an antique brass finish can serve with simple elegance. Our designers can assist you in the selection of modern upgrades with a nod to the rustic style when we provide you with interior design in Westlake, TX.

The style uses warm, earthy colors. The maroons, violets and gold of sunsets, shades of brown such as saddle and caramel, the green of trees and blue shades of turquoise, robin's egg or sky blues.

Faux leather and suede paint finishes are a beautiful substitute for log walls and provide the aura of timeless rustic style.

Window treatments are rarely used, as rustic elegance takes advantage of views when available. A room with ample natural light allows the use of darker colors and substantial fabrics, though the drapes are typically opaque sheers when used at all.

Texture features prominently with this style, such as finely woven baskets, blankets, coarse weaves, animal hides, and rugs in western style or bold colors. Unadorned contemporary rugs with minimal borders reflecting the color scheme can serve as a substitute for western style. It won't distract from the overall picture, and often is preferable to prevent an overabundance of pattern. Leather furniture will work extremely well with this style.

For homeowners of a large log cabin, buy oversized items to prevent their disappearance against the logs. Select picture frames in a contrasting finish that will stand out rather than disappear into the logs, such as dark walnut against a light pine for example. Our designers can assist you in the selection of appropriately sized furnishings for your home when you select Designs by K for interior design in Westlake, TX.

If you have a brick fireplace, the application of a stucco finish will lend itself better to the style. On the other hand, if you have no fireplace at all, a faux fireplace in stucco with electric logs provides a nice substitute lending a western flair. Leather furniture is the perfect companion for the rustic elegance style. It has all the ingredients the style calls for - elegance, comfort, durability, natural materials, and a wide choice of warm, earthy colors. You can select a finish that appears aged, or allow it to age gracefully on its own.

Rustic elegance calls for a comfortable maintenance of space around furniture that surrounds you with the warmth and beauty of natural color and treasured items.

Rustic elegance is an adaptable style, just as settlers once had to adapt to the lack of the modern conveniences of the time. The style allows you the opportunity to integrate your preferences into a rustic but elegant and comfortable home you will love. Designs by K can provide the interior design in Westlake, TX that reflects your unique style.

Whether you love rustic elegance or another style, Designs by K can provide the style, aura, and comfort you desire to create an exceptional home. Contact Designs by K today to schedule a custom interior design in Westlake, TX for your home. Our talented professional designers strive to deliver your dreams and exceed your expectations. We offer professional interior design in Westlake, TX, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, and the surrounding areas.

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Interior Design in Grapveine, TX

Ceiling Designs | Interior Design Grapevine

From Ordinary to Exceptional

Often overlooked, the ceiling provides the opportunity to enhance your home, increase its value, and transform your space with custom interior design in Grapevine. There are a wide variety of ceiling designs. The ideal selection for your home depends on the individual characteristics of the room and available space. From tray ceiling to beam ceiling, cove ceiling to custom ceilings, beautiful ceiling options will add architectural interest, and give an ordinary room an exceptional element of style.

Dramatic Ceiling Design

A tray ceiling, also called a recessed ceiling, features a center section that is higher than the outer ceiling areas around the perimeter of the room. The trim of a tray ceiling can be painted to create a focal point. Hidden lighting is often featured in this design and, when operated by a dimmer, can add soft mood lighting.

The creation of custom-designed ceilings offer the opportunity to alter the visual impression a room makes in a grand fashion and may be installed in existing homes. When you plan to remodel or update the interior, ceiling design can be included with your interior design in Grapevine.

Tray ceilings work best in large rooms with high ceilings. If your ceiling is at least ten to twelve feet high, you may be able to install a double tray ceiling for a stunning architectural focal point overhead. When crown molding is added, sophisticated drama is created for a high-end appearance. For a modern, minimalistic effect, eliminate the trim from the design, and create a focal point with lighting, either along the perimeter or with a hanging fixture.

While low ceilings can cause a room to feel boxed in, a high ceiling may overwhelm a room. Our professional designers offer the vision and the skills to solve problems with your home's interior design in Grapevine. The following solutions are a few examples of how careful planning can create the illusion of greater height when low ceilings are a problem:

  • Uplighting can create the illusion of greater height.
  • Low profile furniture increases the space between the ceiling and the floor, creating the sense of greater space.
  • Glass walls and floor to ceiling windows add natural light, and the sense of increased space, while providing a view of the outdoors.
  • Painting the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls creates the illusion of a large and bright space. In addition, painting the ceiling the same light shade as a wall also tricks the eyes by blurring the line between ceiling and floor.
  • Hang long drapes as close to the ceiling as possible, creating the illusion of greater height.
  • A cluttered room makes it feel smaller. Use only the furniture needed to make the room functional, and go for the minimalist effect. The room will seem more spacious above and below.
  • Don't use ceiling fans or hanging lights such as pendants and chandeliers. Flush mount lighting will keep the space between ceiling and floor open.
  • Keep small, confined rooms with low ceilings light and bright.

Looking for a unique ceiling? The latest pop false ceiling design offers limitless possibilities for a ceiling that is over the top and adaptable from contemporary to ultra-modern. This design provides the opportunity for the ceiling to become a truly artistic expression of yourself and home.

Contact Designs by K today to schedule custom interior design in Grapevine. We offer a full range of professional interior design in Grapevine, Southlake, Keller, Westlake, and the surrounding areas. From selecting colors for a room, to a home personalized just for you, Designs by K will ensure your home reflects your style and your goals. Our talented and nationally recognized professional designers strive to fulfill your dreams and to exceed your expectations.

Interior Design Keller Texas

Interior Design Keller, TX

Whether you intend to sell or build a home in the near future, or simply want a beautiful home with improved function and flow, Designs by K can provide the interior design in Keller, TXthat you need. Hiring an interior designer provides the homeowner with additional advantages:

  • A interior designer can save money by offering similar, though less costly choices.
  • Hiring a designer will prevent costly mistakes.
  • A designer can stay on budget, saving time and labor.
  • A professionally designed interior can increase the value of your home.
  • A designer's talents utilized in your home will increase the home's appeal to buyers, providing an advantage the competition lacks. An updated and beautiful home can exponentially increase showings, and the potential for a fast sale. If you intend to sell your home within a few years, the investment in professional interior design in Keller, TX now may pay off big later.
  • An interior designer is a professional with a trained eye, who notices details you may miss. They are trained to think differently and to visualize an overall picture that clients may be unable to perceive. Thinking outside of the box is a skill designers often utilize that offers alternatives with the potential for stunning interiors. Designers create more than beauty in the home. They strive to come up with elegant, yet practical solutions to problems.
  • A designer knows where to proceed for the resources of products and services related to your home. The availability of products to designers and not the public enables them to provide a unique space as planned.
  • Involving a designer from the beginning can prevent a waste of the homeowner's time trying to identify reliable contractors capable of providing the intended finished product. Your designer will have the advantage of knowing qualified contractors and craftsmen.
  • A designer provides the bridge between you, your architect, and/or the contractor. When involved before construction begins, a designer can prevent design disasters from affecting the overall design plan. For example, lighting needs and furnishings should be addressed prior to construction. If a sofa and seating will be located in the center of a room the designer will ensure the proper placement of floor outlets for lamps.

Hiring an interior designer will provide the exceptional space you have been looking for, whether to boost the home's sale, or for your own enjoyment. Engaging an interior designer brings a professional on board who thrives on strategizing, solving problems, and who will work to maximize your investment and deliver real results. Interior design is a skill and an art with a benefit that extends beyond the enhancement of a space. Interior design defines the difference between a house and a home, while enhancing the quality of your life.

Contact Designs by K today to schedule the custom interior design in Keller that you need. Our talented professional designers strive to fulfill your dreams and to exceed your expectations. We offer professional interior design in Keller, Southlake, Grapevine and the surrounding areas.

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Sustainable Flooring | Interior Design Southlake, TX

For those homeowners who prefer the option of environmentally friendly products, wood flooring provides a sustainable resource, while imparting grand style and durability. When shopping for ideas, consider sustainable flooring in your interior design in Southlake, TX.

Sustainable flooring is produced from renewable materials through an environmentally friendly process. In addition, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends those with allergies to dust or other particulates select flooring with smooth surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum, tile or slate.


Wood floors add natural warmth and color to your home's interior design in Southlake, TX. In addition, wood flooring is practical and easy to clean, an advantage for persons with allergies. Depending on the type of timber you pick, wood provides an environmentally responsible flooring option. Trees are a renewable resource, and are considered a sustainable product when the timber is plantation grown, as opposed to timber harvested out of native forestry.

Trees absorb carbon as they grow, and it remains stored in wood flooring, rather than being released into the atmosphere. At the end of its useful life as flooring, wood flooring can be repurposed as reclaimed wood, ensuring the carbon stays locked inside.


Bamboo flooring is considered an ideal example of sustainable flooring, and is a popular option with interior design in Southlake, TX. The product is manufactured from fast-growing renewable wood, although bamboo is in fact considered a grass, and grows to maturity in just 3-5 years.

When it comes to carbon isolation, bamboo is nature's workhorse. It stores up to 70% more carbon a year than hardwoods. In addition, when bamboo is harvested the root system is left intact in the soil, providing new growth. Bamboo is strong, extremely durable, and is resistant to insects and the moisture of humid environments.

Look for bamboo products and systems available that don't use urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins, which emit volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is sourced from decommissioned homes, buildings, barns and other structures. The lumber is from old growth trees containing a tight grain pattern, and occasionally displays character features such as nail holes.

Dredge Wood is sourced from old-growth timber that has been submerged in rivers for 100-150 years, and the selected wood is typically 150 year old tree growth. It features a tight grain pattern and uncommon patina due to submersion without degradation of the wood.

Reclaimed wood can impart a rustic or a historic atmosphere in your home's interior design in Southlake, TX.

Cork Flooring

Cork tiles or planks are harvested from the bark of the cork oak without harm to the living tree. It is a highly renewable and sustainable flooring resource. Once the cork tree reaches 25 years of age, cork is harvested approximately once every 10 years. The tree can live for up to 200 years.

An additional benefit of cork flooring is that it contains a waxy substance used in nature to regulate water supply to the tree. This substance provides cork flooring with fire retardant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Cork offers a number of exceptional benefits for flooring performance. It has superb insulation properties against both noise and heat loss, and is a warm, comfortable walking surface. It is resilient to imprints and copes well with furniture placement and heavy foot traffic. However, cork will absorb moisture and should not be used in bathrooms. Ensure you select a low VOC sealant.

Cork flooring is a popular choice for interior design in Southlake, TX of modern kitchens.


True linoleum flooring is manufactured from 100% renewable sources and is 100% biodegradable. It is manufactured with dried and milled flax seeds (linseed oil), wood flour, ground cork and pine resin, with a jute, burlap, or canvas backing. It is fire-resistant and anti-static, a combination that makes it ideal for those with allergies. In addition, as the decorative pigments are embedded in its structure, it doesn't fade. When opting for linoleum, ensure it is the true product and not PVC flooring with less environmentally friendly plasticizers.


Coconut palms grow rapidly, with harvest for flooring from 60-80 year old plants incapable of producing fruit. It is a hardwood with a close grain. It is cheaper than teak, and as hard as mahogany. Coconut flooring has an attractive striped appearance and provides properties similar to hardwood. Coconut flooring is available in its natural color, or the option of further processing, which results in darker stripes for interior design in Southlake, TX that requires a more exotic appearance.

Sustainable flooring offers a number of options for your home. Our skilled interior designers can assist you with flooring or color selection for your custom designed home. If you need assistance in beautifying your home, contact Designs by K for professional interior design in Southlake, TX.

Selecting Colors for a Room | Interior Design Westlake, TX

interior design westlake

Selecting colors for a room can be less intimidating by thinking about the mood you want to create, and how you intend to use the room. An interior designer can provide assistance in creating a mood, and in other color choices such as color coordination that promotes a smooth transition between rooms. A Designs by K professional can provide the interior design in Westlake, TX that you desire.

Do not allow the intimidation of selecting a color force you to play it safe with neutrals. If you decide you do not like a color, changing it is as simple as painting with a new color. Lighting is important to consider with color. Brighter rooms typically handle darker color better, while a lighter color will brighten a darker room. Furthermore, it is inexpensive to add additional lighting to brighten up your space, and complement the new color.

Color trends for 2015 will be muted from last year's bright jewel like colors. Considered the leading color authority, Pantone has selected Marsala as the 2015 color of the year. Marsala is a dark red color that imparts an earthy sophistication. Named for the full-bodied wine of the same color, Marsala is a versatile color, creating elegance and romance with its deep red hue, or can provide quiet sophistication when incorporated in a contemporary design, for example.

Pantone's top 10 colors for 2015 also include aquamarine, scuba blue, lucite green and classic blue. A Designs by K professional will be glad to assist in the color selection that best defines your goals, while complementing the space with custom interior design in Westlake, TX.

Cold metals are giving way to warm brass, copper, and oil rubbed bronze. The emphasis is on bronze, and its ability to add warmth to a home. In the bathroom, the warm finishes will accompany freestanding luxurious tubs.

Granite faces strong competition from quartzite, a natural stone resembling marble that is almost indestructible, and lacks the issue of staining. Quartzite has surpassed last year's favorite, manmade quartz. Quartzite provides a durable product with extreme resistance to wear and tear. In addition, it's resistant to chemicals, water proof, and dirt resistant to name a few of its advantages.

Modern interior design in Westlake, TX, and nationwide, increasingly incorporates energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products. Do not expect this trend to fade away. It will likely continue to encompass additional areas of our lives as environmental awareness grows. Furthermore, expect a growing number of products to reflect the environmentally friendly philosophy. Examples of products already available include the renewable resource of bamboo flooring, LED lighting, reclaimed lumber, energy efficient windows, paints, carpets and other products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

You may have already identified an element of the 2015 style that you intend to incorporate into your home's interior design. Designs by K can deliver your dreams of a beautiful home with professional interior design in Westlake, TX.

As your interior design dreams take shape, and are realized, satisfaction sets in. The adage that "home is where the heart is" often comes to mind. After all, home is where our lives are lived, and dreams are realized.

Designs by K's nationally recognized professionals can provide the interior design in Westlake, TX that you need. From selecting colors for a room, to providing a completely customized home, Designs by K will ensure your home defines the desired style and your goals. Our talented professional designers strive to fulfill your dreams and to exceed your expectations.