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Building a Custom Home with an Interior Designer from Designs by K

by: Neely Meyers, Owner & Studio Director

Custom Homes With Interior Designer

Have you noticed? New construction is everywhere! It’s hard to miss… both residential and commercial construction projects seem to be popping up all around us. We are even starting to work on spec houses again. We haven’t seen those in many years! It seems like the construction industry is experiencing a healthy increase in business this year, and we are very excited about that.

If the time is right for you to build a home, you should consider using an interior designer at Designs by K. We are currently involved in construction projects in Southlake, Westlake, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and the surrounding areas, and we are working closely with the area’s best custom builders. Here are a few words from some of our builders and architects:

“Kay is a professional with an innovative and artistic approach to design and is always a pleasure to work with.”
Jon Bolton, J Bolton Designs

“Shavawn’s understanding of how important it is to be proactive with decisions early in construction will save money and time! Not many design teams can accomplish those principle aspects during construction; We move fast. Design can make or break a project, and Shavawn is great for your team.”
David Lewis, David Lewis Builder, Inc.

“Kay is one of a kind. Her professionalism combined with her vast experience, talent and hard work always make it a pleasure for both myself and my clients.”
Frank Ritz, Ritz Custom Homes
“Shavawn does a great job of catering to my clients’ needs. Her eye for details make her designs first class.”
Frank Shelton, Shelton Construction
“Classy, delightful and professional are words that I would use to describe Kay Crinkelmeyer. She is a joy to do business with!”
Pat Gray, Patrick Gray Custom Homes

An interior designer should start working with clients during the architectural design phase of construction. Our construction detailing includes the selection and placing of plumbing, hardware, tile, flooring, and much, much more. Building a home requires a lot of decision making. The benefit of hiring an interior designer is that you do not have to “do it alone!” Your Designs by K interior designer will have the knowledge and experience to save you time and money while making those critical decisions. The years of experience will ensure that your home will not only be timeless and aesthetically pleasing, but also truly customized and personalized. Finding unique and custom items specifically designed for you and your family is our specialty.

Design doesn’t stop after construction, however. Your interior designer will be here to help you with the furnishings, accessories, rugs, and overall placement of your items in your new home. We love seeing a house go from a concept on the plans to completion… Are you ready for your new home to be one of our portfolio photos?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updating Your Shelves the Easy Way

by Neely Meyers, Amy Griffin, and Josh Pickering

Don't Just Fill Your Shelves; Style Them!
The shelves in your home should be a good representation of you and your family.  One of the quickest ways to update your home is to "re-do" your shelves.  It takes both time and space to do it right, so make sure you're prepared.

Start by taking everything off of the shelves and setting it out on the floor.  Sort all the items into "love it" and "tired of looking at it."  Only the items that make the "love it" pile should be considered to make it back on your shelves.  If you love some of the photos but not the frames, put the photos in the "love it" pile without the frames.

You may find that your shelves look better with less in them!  Once you've taken inventory of what you have, make a list of accessories and florals that you will need as replacement pieces.

Are there a lot of picture frames in the "tired of looking at it" section of your stuff?  One of the best ways to update your color palette or overall style is to get new frames for you favorite photos.  Frames of varying sizes, shapes, and textures can create an interesting look.

When placing items, be sure to mix sizes and shapes to create a cohesive look.  If you are a collector, it is est to arrange similar itmes together as a groupin than to spread them out where they may end up looking cluttered.  Consider a common color plaette or adding accesnts all in the same current trending color.  Updated floral arrangements can add new color as well.

Books look best when they are uniform enough to be seen as a set.  Take the jackets off hardbacks to reveal more subdued colored bindings.  Display family heriflooms like Bibles with family family photos.  When in doubt, leather-bound antique books make a great statement!

Don't be afraid to take risks:  hang a picture on the back wall of your shelves, create a shelf of only books, paint the back wall a few shades darker than the hue of the room.

During the updating process, don't just fill your shelves, style them!


Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Many Uses Of Succulents

by Josh Pickering, Lead Design Assistant


Using Succulents in Floral Arrangements

Whenever it comes to greenery, few plants are as versatile, offering multiple stylistic opportunities, as succulents.  In nature, succulents can provide sustenance in extreme conditions.  So, if they can bring life to a desert environment, why shouldn't they do the same in your home?  The thickness and vibrant colors of the foliage can help to offer vivacity to an otherwise stagnant space.

In rustic designs, Succulents can be paired with yucca and cacti, as well as other greenery to create a more literal interpretation of the regions where these plants thrive.  An especially important detail to point out in regards to rustic design, is the fact that the idea of moisture and life can be evident in a style that can easily tend towards dry and colorless when done wrong.  In this regard, succulents can be used to create a lush oasis to soften and enliven a room.

Succulents have often been used in contemporary design for their exotic shapes and colors.  Their simplicity and vibrant nature can bring calm to a minimalist space or energy to a colorful, trendy room.  Set in colorful groupings, exacting rows, or peaceful flourishes, a simple floral of these amazing plants can be the finishing touch when creating a fresh new look.

When designing a traditional room, few people think to use succulents in their floral arrangements.  Some tend towards using ivies or whatever greenery typically accompanies whichever flowers they select.  In doing so, floral décor can become overstuffed and dated dust collectors.  The simple thickness of the foliage itself offers richness in succulents that could hardly be achieved in "usual" greenery, not to mention their interesting shapes and varying colors.

Today, most people have a personal style that is some mixture between various styles and trends.  This tendency towards an eclectic blend can easily be supported by spots of succulents.  There are few plants that bring such versatility that will work to unify a space while mixing well with other plants.  Succulents can play a star role just as easily as they can take a second seat to another focal plant.  If you haven't thought to use succulents in the past, allow the Designs by K to help you make a new step to something different.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taking a closer look at Interior Design Southlake

By: Josh Pickering, Lead Design Assistant

As the area continues to grow and become more distinct, people may wonder: What is "Interior Design Southlake"? What are we doing now that will set our community apart from the rest? What blend of design directly reflects on what this community is about and can exclusively be defined as "Interior Design Southlake"?


What sets the city apart is the strong sense of community and family. People here take pride in their community and have a strong sense of security, giving families and groups of kids the comfort to fill town square every evening. Social connectivity and family involvement is the core of a Southlake lifestyle. "Interior Design Southlake" must reflect these elements and enhance the way of life by bringing functionality and luxury in a polished design that is both intimate and private, but open and embracing to those you would entertain. How can "Interior Design Southlake" bring that individual and shared comfort together in a solid style that is personal to each individual?

The South is defined by grace and warmth, elegance with a down-home sensibility. Texas is known for its rustic appeal and larger-than-life style. "Interior Design Southlake" utilizes southern charm set off by distinctly Texas detailing to produce a refined sense of local flair that will set apart the homes of the Southlake area. Regardless of style, whether modern or traditional, "Interior Design Southlake" is an idea of function: embracing the visitor and enhancing the family atmosphere by blending design ideas in a way that can create and develop distinguished local soul and style.

The designers at Designs by K have the perception to identify that individuality for each family and the understanding of design concepts that will produce a space with the flow and purpose that will fulfill the needs of the client, while accomplishing the broader goals of characterizing local style as "Interior Design Southlake". By understanding each family and pinpointing the soul of each home, we can create individualized style while keeping in touch with concepts that will make each home distinctly "Southlake".

Interior Design Southlake Page
Friday, September 02, 2011

Revisiting the 60's, 70's, and 80's in interior design…


Interior design, like fashion, often borrows ideas from prior generations. It seems like every year, a "new" trend emerges. We say "new" because we, like many of you, remember when this trend first appeared… Maybe it was on a dress we wore in high school or on a poster of our favorite band.

Recently, a big trend in interior design has been the return of the graphic print. Many graphic prints from the 60's, 70's, and 80's are making a big comeback. We have seen these prints in many of our new fabrics, on wallpaper (yes, it's coming back too!), and in artwork.

What's right about them is that they are abstracted from their originals. Color palettes are bold and fresh, textures are varied, and scale is exaggerated. These "new" graphic prints are appearing with bold stripes and checks, making a big impact in any room.

Bright green (like a Granny Smith apple) and paler aqua is a color palette we have noticed lately in current interior design. When that color palette is represented in a graphic print, the designs of yesteryear become fresh and inspired. We've also noticed a resurgence of black and white, but this time, it's paired with gray accents.

We think that the variety in texture in these graphic prints is the best part of their current reappearance in interior design. Canvas with metallic prints, raised chenilles, and spots of faux fur add depth and interest to the original designs.

Teeny tiny prints and extremely overtly large shapes are evidence of the exaggerated scale in current graphic prints. Pairing oppositely exaggerated scales with each other in similar or exactly the same colors can create a perfect balance in any room.

Designs by K doesn't mind revisiting interior design trends from the past, as long as they present new twists. We have embraced the graphic print revival as evidenced by the design of our new Southlake studio! Prints that mimic the ones on this website are painted on our walls in varying scales and appear in our rugs and artwork.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

One of our favorite challenges is to create an elegant and comfortable home while keeping it rustic… Welcome, Rustic Chic! In many homes that we’ve completed over the past few years, Rustic Chic is a leading force in style. From a travel home in Florida, to a ranch in Oklahoma, to a mansion in Southlake, elements of the country have made it in to our designs at client request. Rustic in the design world can mean many things: country cabin, mountain lodge, western ranch… and it’s OK to mix them together as long as it fits in your decorator’s overall design plan.

For decorator Kay Crinkelmeyer, the key to keeping Western elegant means incorporating rich materials with the raw, natural ones. “Hammered copper pairs nicely with elegant tooled leather. Natural reclaimed wood furniture coupled with real turquoise accents can really make the look rich and rustic at the same time.”

When creating a Rustic Chic space, it’s important to rely on the natural elements like rock, wood, and stone. By adding a custom area rug or piece of artwork from a local artist, the room starts to come together.

“Lighting also plays an important role in creating richness in a room. Rustic Chic rooms look best with lots of natural light accented with rustic metal chandeliers and perfectly placed lamps,” decorator Lisa Stewart added.

In bedrooms, fabrics that mimic authentic Native American designs can be used as focal points or as accent fabrics mixed with solids. Earth tones and neutrals when coordinated well with leather trims, metal accents, and ceramic pieces artistically bringing the look of the outdoors into a home. Kristi Hunt, interior decorator, notes, “Rich plaids and buffalo checks as bedding on a real log bed add character to a lodge bedroom.”

For all the Rustic Chic homes created by the crew at Designs by K, the creative details are what make the overall look extraordinary. Adding family photos or heirlooms, custom faux painting, or one-of-a-kind accessories can make all the difference in the world.